About Us



To promote and preserve our diverse maritime experience and heritage and to engage people with this ongoing story.


To be the leading interpreter and presenter of BC’s on-going maritime story, by celebrating the nautical culture and heritage of British Columbia.


The Maritime Museum of BC opened in 1955 as a naval museum located on Signal Hill just outside the gates of the HMC Dockyard in Esquimalt. By 1965, the Museum had outgrown the original location and found a new home in the former Supreme Court building in Bastion Square − the oldest surviving courthouse in the province. In 2014, the Museum got news from the Government of British Columbia that the provincially-owned historic courthouse was in need of major repairs that require the building to be empty. The Museum relocated to a new public storefront location at 634 Humboldt St.

In August 2021, the Museum moved again to our current 744 Douglas St. location, next to the Victoria Conference Centre. We have a larger exhibit space and gift shop, including staff offices and a public research space.

The majority of our collections are now stored off-site but are still accessible through our research request program.

Visit Us Today

A visit to the Maritime Museum of BC is a chance for the whole family to experience British Columbia’s marine heritage.

The museum presents evening talks and craft workshops that look at maritime history in unique and creative ways.  Also offered are educational programs on topics such as immigration, pirates and privateers, women at sea, and the fur trade.

After your adventures here, embark on your own voyage and add to the story!

Maritime Museum of BC - Thermopylae