The Maritime Museum of BC is thrilled to announce that it will be home to an exhibit titled Darn It! Our Maritime Make & Mend Culture from 8 November 2022, to 1 April 2023.

Darn It! Our Maritime Make and Mend Culture exhibit title wall decal

Life at sea meant long periods of isolation with no one to rely on but those on board. Necessity bred both ingenuity and creativity; the skills that kept sailors alive could also keep them entertained. Out of this rose a culture of making new from old and mending what they had. Everything that was used could be repaired and reused. Scraps could be carved or embroidered, repurposed into art to be brought home to a loved one.

Hours stretched on like the endless open sea with nothing to stave off the boredom. And there it was! A solution to the problem: a tear in a shirt, a hole in a net, a spare piece of cloth that could be turned into something more.

Visit the Maritime Museum of BC to discover just what can be done with a humble object, time, and a skilled pair of hands. Maybe you’ll even discover a new technique to repair something of your own.

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Exhibit Dates: 8 November 2022 – 1 April 2023
Location: 744 Douglas Street
Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM
Admission Rates:
– Adult – $10.00
– Senior/Student – $8.00
– Youth (12-17) – $5.00
– Child (under 12) – Free

Darn It! exhibit area in gallery