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Nautical Nights Speaker Series: Bert terHart (Seaburban Around Alone)

March 18 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The image is of a starry night sky with a comet crossing the lower left corner. The sky is above what looks like a mountainous bay with the glow of city lights on the left side. The Words Nautical Nights Speaker Series are distributed across the middle

Nautical Nights are back! This fall, join the MMBC online for nights of riveting nautical stories, histories, and discussion.


This month’s speaker: Bob McDonald

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Talk Summary:

The Impact of Climate Change on The Oceans

The world ocean has been moderating the Earth’s climate for billions of years, providing warm conditions for the dinosaurs and bringing us out of the frigid grip of ice ages. Today it is acting as a buffer by absorbing most of the excess carbon dioxide produced by humans and slowing the rate of global warming. But this comes at a cost. The CO2 combines with sea water making it more acidic, bleaching coral reefs and eroding the shells of mollusks. Now, as surface waters heat up, they provide fuel for tropical storms which are becoming stronger and reaching farther inland. This presentation will look at the two way relationship between the ocean and the climate both past and future.

About the Speaker

Bob McDonald has been bringing science to the public for more than 40 years. In addition to hosting Quirks & Quarks, the award-winning science program that is heard by 500,000 people each week,  McDonald is also science correspondent for CBC TV’s The National and host of the children’s series Head’s Up. He was also host of the CBC Children’s series Wonderstruck. He has written and hosted numerous television documentaries and more than 100 educational videos in Canada and the United States. 

As a writer, he has authored five bestselling science books, and contributed to numerous textbooks, magazines, and newspapers (including The Globe and Mail). His latest book is An Earthling’s Guide To Space: Everything you wanted to know about black holes, dwarf stars, aliens  and much more.

McDonald has been honoured for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of science within Canada. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada and a recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal. ” He has been awarded the Michael Smith Award” from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the “Sir Sanford Fleming Medal” from the Royal Canadian Institute, and the “McNeil Medal” from The Royal Society of Canada. He also won a 2008 Gemini Award for “Best Host in a Pre-School, Children’s or Youth Program or Series.”

In 2015, asteroid 332324 was officially named Bobmcdonald in his honour.

He holds fourteen honorary doctorates. 

Bob Lives and sails in Victoria





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