Classic Boat Festival Trophies and Awards

Festival Trophies

  Classic Schooner Trophy

The first perpetual award presented by the festival, this award was designed and built by Alan Lester, F.R.I.C., President of the Maritime Museum of British Columbia in 1979. This trophy is awarded within the schooner fleet.

  Ned Ashe Memorial Award  

Named after Ned Ashe, past Commodore of the festival. Ned sailed in the first Swiftsure race and every subsequent one until 1975

  Peter London Memorial Award

Named after the late master shipwright and long time judge, Peter London, this award is given to the best work boat. The trophy incorporates Peter’s caulking mallet, a tool which has seen much use on many working vessels on this coast. First awarded in 1995.

  • 2019 Winner – Duen

  Irv Cormack Memorial Award

One of the early supportersand committee members of the Festival, Irv lived aboard his beloved Huliki from the early 1970s until his death in 1998. The award is given to the best live aboard and utilizes the microphone from Irv’s VHF radio which he spent a great deal of time on, talking to his many friends.

  • 2019 Winner – Bella

  First Place Classic Open Boat

Presented by the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Foundation. This award symbolizes the strong historical connections between Victoria and Port Townsend. We are appreciative of the support that Port Townsend gave this festival in the early years, and continues to do to this day.

  Master of Disaster Award

Built from the worm shield of the Faranda which hit Fiddle Reef on her way to the Festival in 1993, this award celebrates the most embarrassing event of the year within the Classic Boat fleet.

  • 2019 Winner – Saravan

Blayney Scott Memorial Award

For best restored power, Blayney and Almeda Scott, aboard their beloeved Messenger III, were fixtures at the Boat Show since its inclusion of power vessels in 1978. Blayney was a judge, committee member, Honourary Commodore, and tireless champion of wooden boats and the Maritime Museum of BC.

  • 2019 Winner – B.O.B.

John West Memorial Honorary Commodore Award

Introduced in 2017, this award celebrates each Honourary Commodore to preside over the Classic Boat Festival.

  • 2019 Recipient – Howard White

Festival Award Categories

Hospitality Award

  • 2019 Winner – Gyrfalcon

Best Tug Boat

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Farthest Away

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Oldest Power

  • 2019 Winner – Atlas (1909)

Oldest Sail

  • 2019 Winner – Martha (1907)

Best Tender

  • 2019 Winner – Sir Isaac

Best Sail Training Vessel

  • 2019 Winner – Pacific Grace

Best Motor Sailor

  • 2019 Winner – SV Lady Hawk

Irv Cormack Best Liveaboard

  • 2019 Winner – Bella

Best Modern Classic

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Best Conversion

  • 2019 Winner – Paspatoo

Peter London Best Work Boat

  • 2019 Winner – Duen

Best Pocket Cruiser

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Best Tabloid Cruiser

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Best Engine Room

  • 2019 Winner – Cape Ross

Best Runabout

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Best Overall Powerboat

  • 2019 Winner – Sea Era I

Best Restored Powerboat

  • 2019 Winner – B.O.B.

Best Restored Sailboat

  • 2019 Winner – Tioga

Best Overall Sailboat

  • 2019 Winner – Teak Bird

Best Costume

  • 2019 Winner – Tioga

People’s Choice

  • 2019 Winner – Suellen

Best Rowing Shell

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Young Person – Old Boat

  • 2019 Winner – HEATHER

Best Riveted Steel Vessel

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Best Laminate Construction

  • 2019 Winner – Orenda

Best Replica

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Best Pulling Boat

  • 2019 Winner – Glenniffer

Best Open Power Boat

  • 2019 Winner – Glencannon

Best Open Sail Boat

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Best Overall Steamboat

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Most Improved Sail

  • 2019 Winner – Passat V

 Most Improved

  • 2019 Winner – Compadre

Maritime Museum Recognition Award 

  • 2019 Winner – Midnight Sun


Festival Races

Classic Open Sail Race Class I

  • 2019 Winner – n/a

Classic Open Sail

  • 2019 Winner – n/a