Maritime Memories

Maritime Memories caters to seniors and special interest groups through this hands-on informative program. We take this program out to communities, but we also offer it in-house. Choose a theme such as Exploration and Navigation, Immigration, or the Fur Trade, that you would like to explore and discuss during your booking. We bring in artifacts that relate to the subject matter for participants to handle and learn about. We also invite participants to share their own stories to engage with and learn from one another.

Are you a part of a maritime-related interest group? Looking for a special lecture and/or artifact presentation? Look no further! We offer lectures/presentations on a per-request basis and are happy to tailor our topics to your interests.


$120/booking + GST (potential additional cost for travel up to a maximum of $40)


For more information on these programs or to make a booking, please contact us at programs@mmbc.bc.ca or 250-385-4222.