Museum Tots

The maritime museum of BC logo on a background of colourful plastic balls. The background is semi transparent and the words on the front read "Museum Tots: Saturdays at 11:00 AM, Free with admission or membership"

This program, geared toward children ages 3 – 5, explores the museum world of learning through play, crafts, dance, and games. Each week is a new theme! 

The program lasts for about an hour and the whole family is welcome to join. The program is FREE with a Family Membership and General Admission.

We offer Museum Tots most Saturdays at 11 AM. Drop-ins welcome!

 Please note: time change to 10:30 AM starting May 28.

     Upcoming Dates and TOPICS

April 2 Shipwrecked!
April 9 Pirate School
April 16 Easter
April 23 Explorers
April 30 Water Sports
May 7 Mermaids & Mermen
May 14 Shipbuilding
May 21 Whales on the West Coast
May 28 All Aboard the Steamship
June 4 Ocean Week Victoria: Otters
June 11 Ocean Week Victoria: Weird Water!
June 18 Sailing
June 25 Sharks



Museum Tots Halloween program at the
Setup for Museum Tots

School Groups

Please note that due to reduced staffing capacity,

we are currently taking new bookings from June onwards.


Are you a school teacher looking for an interactive way to complEment your teaching?

Do you lead a community youth group and are looking to engage your participants in fun activities?

Our programs bring history to life by creating an interactive and fun environment for youth to engage, learn, and explore! Based on the Core Competencies outcomes of the new school curriculum, our programs are designed to connect and supplement teachers with core learning curriculum objectives. The requirements for various Girl Guides and Scouts badges can also be achieved with our programs. Each program offers interactive discussions, hands-on artifact exploration, and skill-building activities. We have highlighted which programs best suit various grade levels and ages, but this does not limit you to that program. 

School program in the gallery of the Maritime Museum of BC
Ocean Conservation: 2 Science OR Ages 4-9 (available as virtual Field Trip)

The Ocean Conservation program introduces students to water and ocean conservation through scientific inquiry. Students will interact with scientific equipment to discover the relationship between land and water and its significance to all living things. Answer the questions: “How are our oceans and other natural water sources connected to the land and how we live?”; “What is pollution?”; “How do we keep our water clean?”
This program is available as a Virtual Field Trip.


Presented as an explorer in the age of discovery, students will explore the questions: What was the motivation for exploration and discovery of the Northwest Coast? How did interactions between First Nations and the explorers impact and shape the development and history of BC and Canada? What were key innovations in navigation, technology and seafaring? Students will interact with knot tying and handling object exploration activities.
This program is available as a Virtual Field Trip.

IMMIGRATION TO THE WEST COAST OF BC: 5 & 6 SOCIAL STUDIES - AGES 9-12 (Available as Virtual Field Trip)
Immigration to BC involves many hardships as well as opportunities. From exploration and first contact, to settlement and global migration, the motivation for trade, prosperity and freedom sparked multiple waves of immigration. These journeys forever changed the lives of individuals, families and communications, and built BC as we know it today. Students will become museum detectives with a suitcase exploration activity, delving into the experiences of immigrants and how immigration has built Canadian society.
THE HUDSON’S BAY COMPANY AND THE FUR TRADE: 4 & 9 SOCIAL STUDIES - AGES 12 + (Available as Virtual Field Trip)

The Hudson’s Bay Company is Canada’s oldest national company. What were its powerful effects on First Nations and how did it play a key role in the development of Fort Victoria and Canada? Students will become curators and examine real otter and beaver pelts, a Hudson’s Bay blanket and other items important to the trade economy. Relations between First Nations and the HBC will also be included.

This program is available as a Virtual Field Trip.


Option 1

Self-Guided Visit
Visit the Museum with your class to explore our exhibit space, hunt for pirate treasure on a scavenger hunt.

  • $3 per student
  • 1 adult free per 5 students
  • additional adults $10 each

Option 2

Museum Admission PLUS Guided Program
Visit the Museum with your class to explore our exhibit space, hunt for pirate treasure on a scavenger hunt, and participate in an educational program, of your choice. Our educators lead the program’s discussions, guiding students as they explore artifacts and participate in fun, skill-building activities.

  • 125 for up to 20 students
  • 1 adult free per 5 students
  • additional students $6 each
  • additional adults $10 each

Option 3

Museum Visit to Your Classroom
No need to book a bus! Our educators will come to your classroom, to deliver an educational program of your choice.

  • $125 for a class
  • $100 for back to back bookings at the same location*

Option 4

Virtual Field Trip
Your class can join us from the comfort of their own homes using Zoom Meetings. Private virtual programs occur in a password protected Zoom Room, so your students can unmute their microphones to ask questions directly to our museum educators.

  • $75.00 per class up to 30 students + GST
  • Groups under 12 years of age are GST exempt

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Please note that due to COVID restrictions, we currently require proof of vaccination from all program participants who are 12 and over. 

Please share any additional information about your group or needs for your program that you would like us to be aware of.

The Maritime Museum of BC works throughout the year to deliver programs through Streamable Learning.