2020 Registered Vessels


Name: Bianca
Class: Power Deck
Length: 32′
Year Built: 1959

Bianca is a 32-foot cabin cruiser built in 1959. She is a Chris Craft 32ft Express one of 17 built between 1957 and 1959 in Holland Michigan. Her hull is double planked solid Mahogany under the water line and batten seamed Mahogany above the water line with frames out of white oak. Deck is solid teak. She was originally powered by two Chrysler 392 and had a recorded top speed by the first Dealer at Bryant Marine in Seattle of 33mph (28knots), today she has two Chevy 350 based engines and a top speed we had her to 27 knots. She is a fully planning hull and normal cruising speed is 20 knots, this is also our lowest fuel consumption at 2 Litres per nautical mile. We use her extensively and have done more than 2000 Nautical miles each year. We have restored her to be as original as possible.


Name: BOB
Class: power
Deck Length: 36′
Year Built: 1960


Name: Deerleap
Class: Power
Deck Length: 80′
Year Built: 1929

MV Deerleap was built in Coal Harbour at the Hoffar-Beeching Shipyards (later Boeing) for Colonel McLinmont, President of the Winnipeg Power and Light Company. Five years later she was sold to the owners of Vancouver’s Spencer’s Department Stores. Conscripted during WWII, Deerleap proudly served in the Canadian Navy.

After the war, Deerleap joined other large yachts as a charter vessel for Campbell Church Charters, making many voyages to remote parts of Alaska. During those years, passengers included Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, John Wayne, and financier Andrew Mellon, Jr.

By the 1960’s, Deerleap had been relocated to Southern California as a charter vessel, and hosted John F. Kennedy. MV Deerleap ended up in Southern California, where she was again a popular charger vessel, hosting the Kennedy Family and many Hollywood stars. She was purchased by her current owner over 30 years ago and is a cherished member of the family. She is used from early June until late October every year.


Name: Gyrfalcon
Class: Power
Deck Length: 88′
Year Built: 1941

The Gyrfalcon is an 88’ fantail motor boat, designed by H.C. Hanson, a noted Northwest naval architect. Built in 1941 by Sagstad Marine of Ballard, she was launched as the Patton (ASV 80), an auxiliary survey vessel for the US Coast and Geodesic Survey (USC&GS). Her draft is 8.5 feet and her beam is 22 1/5ft. Decommissioned in 1967, she has been a private vessel since then. Nancy Everds and Peter Mann are the 5th owners.


Name: Joshua
Class: Sail
Deck Length:55’
Year Built: 1980

Joshua is an historical replica of the famous vessel, Spray. Joshua Slocum was first to solo circumnavigate the world in the Spray from 1895-98. Built by William Elliott in the San Francisco Bay in 1980, owner William Harpster completed Joshua’s cabins and rigging after launch. Joshua was sailed from Alameda to a new home in Oak Harbor in 1997.

Marian II

Name: Marian II
Class: Power
Deck Length: 42′
Year Built: 1928

Marian II is a classic Lake Union Dreamboat built in Seattle in 1928. She was owned by the founder of the PNW fleet of the Classic Yacht Association who started the tradition of cruising to University of Washington football games in Seattle before there was even a dock! Owned by an experienced classic yacht owner since 2013 she has undergone extensive upgrades and additions since she was fully restored by CSR Marine in Seattle in 1998-2001.


Name: Marionette
Class: Sail
Deck Length: 50′
Year Built: 1962

Marionette is one of 22 k50s built in San Diego in the 1960s. Kettenburg Boatworks was famous for building lightweight and very fast racing sailboats and the K50s are in that model. She is light for her size, weighing only 28,000 lbs and carries a sail area of 1,000 sq. feet. She was built for the biennial TrasPac race from Los Angeles to Hawaii and participated in two of them, before retiring to cruise the west coast of US and Mexico.

Marlin III

Name: Marlin III
Class: Power
Deck Length: 40′
Year Built: 1950

Cruiser that was a one off build. Honduras mahogany hull and cabin and sides. Remodelled interior and all new systems. Classic 50’s styling, two cabins and two heads.


Name: Martha
Class: Sail
Deck Length: 84′
Year Built: 1907

Built in 1907 for San Francisco Yacht Club Commodore J.R. Hanify, and named after his wife, Martha Fizmaruice Hanify, Martha is a B.B. Crowninshield design built at W.F. Stone Boat Yard in San Francisco. Originally gaff rigged and now staysail rigged, she is 68’ on deck; 84’ sparred, 16’ beam, 8’ draft. Her planking is fir and silver Bali on oak frames, and her interior is Honduran mahogany, graced with leaded glass cabinetry below decks.

James Cagney owned her from 1934 – 1943. Edgar Kaiser purchased her in 1968 and brought her to Washington; he later donated her to Four Winds – Westward Ho Camp on Orcas Island. The campers still sing the Martha song and Martha visits the camp each summer.

Martha is now owned and operated by The Schooner Martha Foundation whose sole purpose is to maintain and restore Martha and to use Martha to operate sail training programs. Martha has been under their care since 1996. Martha is still considered one of the fastest schooners around. Martha takes both youth and adults on sail training adventures in and around the San Juan Islands and Canadian Waters.

MV Chickadee

MV Chickadee owned by Allan Milham

Name: MV Chickadee
Class: Power
Deck Length: 28.2′
Year Built: 1954

The Motor Vessel Chickadee is one of six built to this Grenfell design by McQueen Boatyard in 1954. The current owner/skipper has owned the vessel since 1975 and has cruised extensively in the inside passage, the Sunshine coast, the Gulf Islands, the San Juan Islands and one memorable cruise to Barkley Sound on the West coast of Vancouver Island.

My Fair Lady II

Name: My Fair Lady II
Class: Power
Deck Length: 38′
Year Built: launched – 1963

Built by Hugh Libby in his back yard of West Vancouver, designed by Ed Monk. Participated in the Alaska cruiser race in 1963 and we did the same trip with her in 2010. After many additional trips north to the Broughtons we are now readying her for yet another trip to Alaska in 2021.

Only You

Only You – owned by Keith Finholm

Name: Only You
Class: Power
Deck Length: 57′
Year Built: 1954

Only You was purchased in January 2016 and the owners have done a total restore since then . Fiberglass decks were removed and new teak decks installed, railings were stripped & re-chromed. The vessel has been repainted and new upper saloon curtains installed. The galley and master suite were also renovated.


Seafarer – owned by Bob Cofer

Name: Seafarer
Class: Power
Deck Length: 55′
Year Built: 1926

Built in 1926 for a wealthy Seattleite, Seafarer has been plying the water of the Northwest for 94 years. She was refit in 2007 at the now defunct Dunbar Shipyards. She is currently home ported in La Conner, Washington and is listed with the Classic Yacht Association.

Spirit Moon

Spirit Moon owned by Denis Woodske and Lucy Watson

Name: Spirit Moon
Class: Power
Deck Length: 50′
Year Built: 1970

Apparently built for the Head of CP Rail who sent it by rail from the east coast to the west coast of Canada. In 1997, the boat unfortunately was submerged in a shed due to excessive snow on the roof. It was rebuilt by a Sydney shipyard. There have been several caretakers ’til I purchased it in 2014. It is designed after the tuna fishing boats used off the coast of California by Art DeFever, a design which has been copied by several yacht manufacturers.


Name: Taihoa
Class: Sail
Deck Length: 48′
Year Built: 1947

Taihoa is a Colin Archer styled Gaff Rigged Cutter, Double ended Full Keel Boat built in 1947 to take offshore.
The oak frames were cut green over twelve months before use, air dried, soaked in urea, re-airdried, and soaked again in salt before steam bending, followed by two coats of Cuprinol.

Planking was all air-dried for 12 months. Caulking seams were cuprinoled before caulking and the caulking cotton soaked by means of a jet of Cuprinol and allowed to dry before being payed with red lead paint and red lead putty.

Taihoa has gone through many renovations and refit and the owners made sure to retain its classic look.
In the past years, it mostly stayed around the gulf island and had Victoria, BC as its home port.