Library and Archives staff and volunteers accept research requests and complete them as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Please note that fees may be applied and requests will take time to process depending on volunteer availability and the current volume of requests. For more information see the following form:
Research Request Form and Fee Schedule

Please send all research requests to librarian@mmbc.bc.ca.

Public access to our library and archives is available at our public location at 634 Humboldt St. For more details, please contact the Librarian (librarian@mmbc.bc.ca). We look forward to your visit!

Library, Artwork, and Archives Catalogues

Below you will find links to our online Library and Artwork and Archives Catalogues. Each one has search options within it.

If you are interested in accessing material listed in either catalogue, please contact us at librarian@mmbc.bc.ca.

Frequently Asked for Items

Some of our most sought after items in our collection are our ships’ plans and photographs. We have over 35,000 ships’ plans from various vessels, and over 18,000 photographs.

Our ships’ plans are stored at our off-site storage location, but are accessible to the public through digital reproductions (fees apply, see above) and through in-person visits. All information requests for our ships’ plans should be made directly to us. If you wish to have a digital reproduction made, or if you wish to make an appointment to view plan(s) in-person, please email archives@mmbc.bc.ca.

To help you in your search for ships’ plans, the following document lists the names of the vessels that we have plans for:

We also have several dedicated library volunteers working on cataloguing our photographs to make them more accessible to the public. The majority of our photographs are stored at our public location and are easily accessible. The remaining photographs are stored at our off-site storage location and can be accessed by appointment. If you are interested in our photographs, please also contact  librarian@mmbc.bc.ca.

External Resources

The following are external resource sites that researchers might find useful:

Books, Boxes, and Boats: Maritime & Historical Research Service

Find My Past

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