Our Wish List

The following is a list of items that would contribute substantially to the Maritime Museum.

If you are able to donate any of these items, please contact us today!

Items to support our collection:

  • Underbed clear plastic bins with lids (39L or 62L)
  • Other clear plastic bins of varying sizes (with lids) – to house photo albums and small textiles as well as other heavy-duty plastic bins for our larger artifacts
  • sturdy metal shelving

Books for our library that will help us complete certain sets:

  • Resolution (Journal of the Maritime Museum of BC):  #60, 61 & 62
  • Howay, F.W. British Columbia from the earliest of times to the present: Biographical. Volume 1. S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, Vancouver: 1914
  • Mariner’s Mirror:  2012: Nos. 2 and 4
  • Raincoast Chronicles (compilation): 11-15
  • Raincoast Chronicles (compilation): 16-20
  • 40,000 Miles in a Canoe by John C. Voss
  • Anything relating to the history of First Nations on the BC coast

We actively search out donations for our annual Massive Marine Garage Sale. Refer to the event page for further information.

Have time to donate? We are always looking for volunteers! Refer to our Volunteer page for further information.


Maritime Musuem of BC - Roman emperor Caligula’s palatial ship

Roman emperor Caligula’s palatial ship , c. 30’s AD. Image from the Museum’s collection, P1748a

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