Interactive Activities

We have a variety of interactive activities throughout our exhibit displays suitable for a variety of ages. Come visit us to take part in these activities!

Knot Tying

Many different knots are used by sailors for tasks such as securing a ship to a dock and securing the sails. Take a look at our knot display and try your hand at the different knots. An iPad will guide you through each step.

Signal Flags

Ever wondered how signal flags and Morse code work? Learn what each flag symbolizes and create your own message to send. You can even send messages back and forth between friends!

Franklin Exploration

The Franklin Exploration was one of the greatest archaeological shipwreck expeditions in Canada’s Arctic. Touch replicas of artifacts found in the Erebus wreck site and explore our touch screens to learn about the people, history, artifacts, archaeology and marine biology behind the Franklin Exploration.

Activity Booklet

Ask for an activity booklet at our visitor centre. This booklet includes a scavenger hunt and word search. Upon completion of the scavenger hunt, you can claim your treasure. This activity is perfect for children!

Around Cape Horn Video

Watch a 20 minute film with footage from 1929. Captain Irving Johnson narrates the last great days of commercial sail with amazing scenes filmed during a storm as the Perking rounds Cape Horn.

We also offer drop-in interpretive presentations with activities on a variety of maritime related topics. See our events calendar for details.