“We are Westcoasters; this is our maritime!” 

Join our community video project

to connect people, communities, and the ocean: whatever you’re doing, wherever you are on the coast!

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"We Are Westcoasters" Video Submission
If you are under 18, you can still submit a video, but your guardian or parent must submit this form.
If applicable.
If you have a social media handle, we would love to tag you when we post the video! Please let us know your social media handle (ex. @MaritimeMusBC)
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please ensure all videos are in vertical/portrait orientation. You may upload short videos here. If file size is too large, email to Anya Zanko at azanko@mmbc.bc.ca


Please check off each statement to confirm your declarations.
Media held in our Collection can be used for projects unrelated to their filming. For example, our compiled and edited videos of Classic Boat Festivals past contain clips held in our Collection.
What this means: you can still use your own video for anything you want! In order to accession the video into the Collection, the Museum must hold the copyright.
MMBC staff aboard Messenger III

MMBC staff aboard Messenger III, 2022

What are we doing?

Creating short compilation videos of people all along the west coast engaged in maritime activities of all sorts: traditional harvesting, recreational and commercial boating, canoeing, fishing, sailing, water sports, tourism and coastal transportation, and walking along the beach with your dog. Anything maritime, anywhere on the coast, would be a wonderful addition to this community video project and will enter the Museum Collection as a digital object.

Why participate?

To connect people, communities, and the ocean: whatever you’re doing, wherever you are on the coast!

How to participate:

1. Film a short video in vertical/portrait orientation of yourself or your group doing any maritime activity anywhere on the cost, and say: “We are westcoasters! This is our maritime!”

2. Fill out our submission form to let us know we can use your video; we won’t include your video in any aspect of the project without this permission. If you would rather keep your video and post it on your own account, hashtag it #WeAreWestcoasters so that we can share your post instead; we will then not include it in the Collection or use it in any other way.

3. Send the video by email to azanko@mmbc.bc.ca.


Sea glass in a jar at the beach

Sea glass collection, 2022