Victoria Classic Boat Festival

Update on COVID-19

The Maritime Museum of British Columbia, in consultation with the Greater Victoria Harbor Authority (GVHA), regrets to announce the cancellation of the 2021 Victoria Classic Boat Festival.

With the loss of cruise ship visitations and transient visiting yachts, GVHA staff has been reduced to a minimum and their focus for this year is long-term moorage.

The GVHA has reaffirmed their ongoing support for the Victoria Classic Boat Festival for 2022 and onwards. This commitment is very encouraging, and we are already planning for a big reopening next summer.

We will be posting Classic Boat Festival related video footage on our social media page this summer. Follow us to see this footage!

The Maritime Museum of BC is proud to host the annual Victoria Classic Boat Festival! Join us on the docks to view up to 100 classic boats, visit the docks, cheer on your favourite boats in the races, and take part in one of our many activities!

For over 40 years, the Victoria Classic Boat Festival has showcased classic boats from all over the Pacific Northwest each Labour Day Weekend. Each year, approximately 10,000 visitors tour the docks and the boats on display. In 2017, the Maritime Museum of BC took over operations of the Festival, incorporating marine-related exhibitions and family-friendly programs into the weekend’s activities.

The Festival is run by Museum staff, Board members, and dedicated volunteers. Community, corporate, and business sponsors provide enormous support to the Museum and it’s mission to promote and preserve BC’s maritime experience and heritage and to engage people with this ongoing story.

Join us on the docks this coming Labour Day Weekend, Friday, September 4th – Sunday, September 6th 2020!

Honourary Commodore: Ann Jones

Born in England, Ann moved to Montreal in 1956 where she helped her husband run a busy service station. She studied art and earned her BFA and a graduate diploma in Art Education from Concordia University.

Moved to Halifax in 1978 with her daughters and started an art supply business which grew to 3 stores and an art gallery.  Living by the sea and owning a sail boat was a long-time dream and her first boat was a Kings Cruiser from Sweden which had to be left in Halifax when she to moved to Victoria her where she lived on board a Bill Garden custom designed 32 ft mahogany sailboat for six years.

In Victoria, Ann volunteered for the Maritime Museum of BC and went on staff as gift shop buyer and facility rental manager in 2003. She retired in 2009 but was back at the museum as a fulltime volunteer in 2010 running the gift shop and organizing fundraising the Massive Marine Garage Sale and the annual silent auction for the Classic Boat Festival. She helped with the move to Humboldt Street and reopened the gift shop in August 2015 in the new premises on Humboldt Street. In 2016 she became manager of a new fundraiser, All Things Marine at Canoe Cove Marina where every thing is donated and all proceeds go to the Maritime Museum of BC

In 2016 Ann was a recipient of the Governor Generals award which became Queen’s Medal for outstanding contribution to her community.

A Commodore refers to a person of high rank, commanding a body of ships. Examples include: captain in the navy, commander of a body of merchant ships, or president of a yacht club. The Honourary Commodore at the Classic Boat Festival is present at the Sail Past and all formal ceremonies.


A commodore refers to a person of high rank, commanding a body of ships. Examples include: Captain in the Navy, Commander of a body of merchant ships, or President of a Yacht Club. The Honourary Commodore at the Classic Boat Festival is present at the Sailpast and all formal ceremonies.