Float the Boat

To help combat the financial difficulties faced due to the pandemic the Maritime Museum of BC is running a fundraising campaign called “Float the Boat”! This campaign has a goal of $25,000 and will run from January 15, 2021 to March 31, 2021. Throughout the campaign we will be marking milestones by filling the tank below with water to float the boat higher and higher. We’ll be posting updates so make sure to follow along!

As a registered charity and incorporated non-profit the Maritime Museum of BC runs a variety of public programming and engagement initiatives, all with the goal of promoting and preserving BC’s maritime heritage and culture. In order to keep our programming and exhibit rates accessible to the public we rely on the help of grants and private donations. It is individuals like you who keep this boat going year after year. Join in the fun by contributing today to float the boat!

We have reached our first milestone of $1,000! The boat has officially started to float!

We only need $1,500 to reach our next milestone of $2,500.

The toy boat floats in a tank at the $1,000 marker.

The Maritime Museum of BC is a multi-disciplinary organization. We care for a collection, provide exhibits, and we help educate/entertain the public through a variety of programming. The areas listed below outline some of the museum’s ongoing costs related to these activities. Consider donating to one of the areas below. When you click on the donate page above, you will be given a drop down menu where you can select one of the following areas (visible after entering an amount to donate). Not sure about where exactly you want your gift directed towards, but still want to contribute? Simply select the “General” category and enter the amount of your choice!


Marketing and Promotion

Expand the reach of the museum and promote BC’s maritime heritage and culture for one month.

Value: $750

All Things Marine Thrift Store

Sponsor the continued re-use and recycling of marine goods for a month.

Value: $150



Sponsor the cataloguing process of one object.

Value: $25

Archives Database

Sponsor one month of the museum’s archives database (which uses Access to Memory software) costs for increased public access to the archives.

Value: $150

Object and Library Database

Sponsor one year’s worth of the online database for the library and art work collections (which uses Past Perfect Museum Software) for public access.

Value: $1,000

Maritime Minute Videos

Sponsor the production of one Maritime Minute video.

Value: $110


Virtual Programs

Sponsor the systems to run virtual educational programs, including school programs for children and youth, for one month.

Value: $130

Live Virtual Tour

Sponsor a live virtual tour on Facebook.

Value: $55

School Programs

Sponsor the delivery of a school educational program (delivered virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic).

Value: $75


Exhibit Panels

Sponsor an exhibit panel for the new Valencia exhibit to be launched in March 2020.

Value: $200

Artefacts on Display

Sponsor the care of select artefacts on permanent display for a month.

  • Ship model: SS Price Rupert/ Prince George
    • Value: $15
  • Ship model: SS Prince Robert
    • Value: $15
  • Ship model: SS Princess Alice
    • Value: $15
  • Ship model: SS Princess Margaret
    • Value: $15
  • Ship model: SS Princess Marguerite
    • Value: $15
  • Ship model: SS Princess Victoria
    • Value: $15
  • HMS Drake Binnacle and Compass
    • Value: $10
  • CPR archival materials
    • Value: $10
  • CPR serving dishes:
    • Value: $10
  • Knot board
    • Value: $10
Keep the exhibits COVID safe

Help us keep the museum safe and clean for the public during the pandemic for one month.

Value: $30